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The leaders of the International Biathlon Union (IBU) visited Estonia

IBU President Olle Dahlin and IBU Secretary General Max Cobb visited Estonia to have a look at the Otepää competition complex ahead of the 2027 Biathlon World Championships and to meet with various partners.

The visit of the IBU leaders began in Otepää, where they met with the representatives of the local authority. "Otepää will host the IBU World Championships Biathlon in 2027 and this is a great honour for both Estonia and Otepää. Otepää is looking forward to this event as several more years of serious work lie ahead," said Jaanus Barkala, Rural Municipality Mayor. Members of the management board of SA Tehvandi Sports Centre Jaak Mae and Kristjan Karis introduced the guests to Tehvandi and Kääriku Sports Centre premises.

In Tallinn, the delegation met with Tarvi Pürn (Under-Secretary for Sport, Estonian Ministry of Culture), and Margus Klan (Head of Sports Department, Estonian Ministry of Culture). The Head of Sport at Estonian Public Broadcasting Rivo Saarna also attended the meeting. At the Estonian Olympic Committee, the IBU leaders were received by the President of the EOC Urmas Sõõrumaa and the Secretary General Siim Sukles. The visit to Estonia ended with a meeting with the Mayor of Tallinn Mihhail Kõlvart. "We are very happy to see the engagement by so many important partners in Tallinn and Otepää," said IBU Secretary General Max Cobb, "I am sure that constructive cooperation will maximize the resources and ensure an inspiring hosting of the first Olympic-sport world championships in Estonia in over a century that reflects well on the whole country."

According to the President of the Otepää OC Aivar Nigol, the purpose of the visit was to give the IBU leaders a detailed overview of the organisation of the coming title races. "The President and Secretary General of IBU both liked the program as we met with the most important parties for the successful organization of major competitions. The guests were assured that good cooperation and preparations will continue for the successful execution of the two title races in 2024 as well as the biggest goal of the 2027 - World Championships," Nigol said.

In 2024, Otepää will host both the IBU Youth and Junior World Championships and the IBU Summer Biathlon World Championships. In 2025, the final stages of the IBU Cup will be held in Tehvandi. In 2026, Otepää will once again host the BMW IBU World Cup, and in 2027, the BMW IBU World Championships.


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