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Welcome to Estonia and to the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon in Otepää!


The country is rich in history and natural beauty. Culturally, Estonia sits at a crossroads of Northern, Eastern, and Western Europe while having a culture that’s distinct. Having been ruled by numerous countries, Estonia has a long and unique history that can still be felt today. Walking through a city, you might see medieval architecture, and wooden houses, sitting on the same street as a modern steel building.


That same appreciation carries over into Estonian food culture with a huge amount of food is grown locally. Today recipes and restaurants experiment with different culinary fusions and often blending them with traditional Estonian dishes.


So, enjoy the nature, the history, the food, and the contrasts while you’re in Estonia.

Official tourism information is provided by Visit Estonia


Estonia is roughly 45,000 square kilometres, making it comparable to Switzerland or the Netherlands. However, you can still find a range of landscapes from end to end. This includes an extensive coastline, gorgeous beaches, and more than 2,000 islands.


Heading inland, you’ll find peaceful forests and wetlands. In fact, nature is something special in Estonia with more than half of the country being covered in forests. As a result, it’s easy to find silence and solitude amid the nature. 


Photo: Sergei Zjuganov
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