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The government has granted special permit for the BMW IBU World Cup

On January 27, the Estonian government has decided to support the proposal of the Ministry of Culture for allowing four sporting events of overriding public or national interest. The special permits will be given to the Tartu Marathon, the Estonian men’s national team Basketball World Cup qualifier, the Biathlon World Cup stage, and the Estonian men’s national team UEFA Nations League match with more participants or spectators than is allowed with the current restrictions.


The government authorised the organisers of the Otepää stage of the Biathlon World Cup to allow 6,000 spectators each day, 3,000 on the stands, and 3,000 on the track. The organiser must apply the additional restrictions on the number of spectators prescribed by the Health Board in the event of a rapid increase in hospitalisations. The Biathlon World Cup stage will take place in Otepää from 10 to 13 March.


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