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Everybody will receive a big welcome from the mascot - Otto the bear

Only a few days left until the first starts of the BMW IBU Biathlon World Cup stage at Tehvandi Sports Center on 10–13 March. The official mascot Otto the bear will be there to bring joy to the athletes and spectators.

It has become a tradition in the Biathlon World Cup that local mascots cheer both the athletes and the spectators at the competition venues. In Östersund, for example, there is Birger the dragon and in Anterselv Bumsi the bear. We are pleased to announce that our own Otto, born in Otepää, is now entering the list of international celebrities.

Otto is a friendly yellow bear. The World Cup of Biathlon is the first competition where Otto will have the opportunity to wake up early from the hibernation and cheer the audience. “Everyone is very welcome to warmly welcome Otto and enjoy the competition with him," said Ergo Kukk, Marketing Manager of the World Cup stage.

The bear was chosen as the mascot because it symbolizes the competition site - the name Otepää means "bear's head". Otto's yellow coat is also associated with the venue, because the coat of arms of Otepää municipality features a yellow bear.

The BMW IBU Biathlon World Cup stage will be held in Otepää on 10–13 March 2022. The four-day competition includes sprint, mass start, mixed relay, and single mixed relay. At the competition venue, spectators will find a local Cultural Street, a sales and catering area and a special kids' area.


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