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Estonia is a unique country at a crossroads of Northern, Eastern, and Western Europe while having a culture and nature that’s distinct. Estonia is about the same size as Switzerland there are 1.3 million citizens.

In the cities, for example Tallinn, the capital of Estonia and Tartu, a famous and youthful university town, you can find historical and beautiful medieval city centers but only a stone’s throw away there are city’s business centers with modern towers and luxurious hotels, trendy neighborhoods, and large shopping centers.


You will find Estonia technologically advanced and at the same time wild and untouched. Three quarters of the land is covered with forest and bogs where you’ll find utmost silence and peace.



Should the 2027 IBU World Championships be held in Estonia, it will happen in Otepää, more precisely In Tehvandi Sports Centre. Tehvandi Sports Centre is an A-license biathlon venue with naturally steep hills and always windy shooting range that offers a challenge for the athletes and thrilling moments for the spectators.


Apart from world class biathlon facilities, Otepää and Tehvandi will offer an unforgettable experience in terms of the atmosphere. Amid youthful and family-friendly positive atmosphere, you will feel supported and a sense of unity.





















Hillar Zahkna has been involved with biathlon his whole life. As a successful athlete, coach and representative of the Estonian Biathlon Federation. After retiring as an athlete, Hillar became a board member of the Estonian Biathlon Federation and held the position for 21 years until 2018. In 2019, Hillar was elected as the Head Secretary of the Estonian Biathlon Federation. He eagerly participated in organizing the IBU World Cup Otepää, which was the first major biathlon event ever held in Estonia.


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