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Track conditions have never been better at Tehvandi

In a few days, the world's best biathletes will start at the Otepää BMW IBU World Cup stage. Tehvandi ski stadium is covered with a thick carpet of snow and the organizers don’t need to worry about the lack of snow.

Foto: Hendrik Osula

According to Hillar Zahkna, the Chairman of the Otepää BMW IBU World Cup Competition Committee, the track conditions in Tehvandi are better than ever. “The track conditions in Tehvand are great right now. I don’t think they have ever been better,” Zahkna said. While last year the big competition in Otepää was cancelled due to lack of snow then this time there is more than enough snow everywhere, according to Zahkna. "We have even had to remove some snow, both from the shooting range and the parking lots," he added.

The weather forecast for the following days is favourable for both the organizers and the athletes. "The overnight frost helps a lot and the above zero temperatures during the daytime do not affect us," added Zahkna. He predicts that the tracks will be fast and the athletes will achieve top race results on the competition days. The four-day competition includes sprint, mass start, mixed relay, and single mixed relay.

The BMW IBU Biathlon World Cup stage will be held in Otepää on 10–13 March 2022. The venue opens every day three hours before the first start, so the spectators can arrive there in good time and enjoy beautiful weather. Before the start you can explore the local Culture Street and spend time in the catering and sales points area. For the youngest visitors, there will be a special kids’ area.


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