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Grandstands of the Otepää World Cup stage filling up a year earlier

Tickets for the first BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon in the Baltics, to be held on March 10–13, 2022 in Otepää, have sold rapidly. Although the world’s best biathletes will not arrive in Otepää until next March, almost 2,500 tickets were sold in the first three weeks.

"The successful start of ticket sales was a very positive surprise for the organizers. Despite the difficult times in the world, public interest is high," said Aivar Nigol, Chairman of the Otepää BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon Organizing Committee. For now, tickets have mostly been bought by Estonians, but the organizers are expecting at least as many guests from foreign countries – around 12,000 spectators in total. "Thanks to the broadcasts by the Estonian Public Broadcasting, biathlon has become an integral part of winter for Estonians, and now everyone will have the opportunity to see a world-class competition with their own eyes," Nigol added.

Many top biathletes have previously won titles at Tehvandi Sports Centre at the Youth and Junior World Championships and at the European Championships. Sturla Holm Lægreid from Norway, the World Cup Men’s Total Score 2nd place, has had several successful races on the tracks of Tehvandi. „I had my first Junior World Championships in Otepää in 2018. I took a silver medal in the individual and in the relay. I have only good memories of Otepää, it is a really nice place and I hope to be back there,” said Lægreid.

Another Norwegian biathlete Johannes Dale won bronze in the pursuit and silver in the relay in the same year. "The competitions held in Otepää were the first big competitions for me, where I had to travel in order to race. I have many good memories from Otepää. I really like the stadium with the super hard track, so it is going to be a real struggle, but I'm looking forward to it," said Dale.

The organizers, too, recall Dale’s and Lægreid’s performance from that time. "Both men won medals and already stood out," said Aivar Nigol, Chairman of the Organizing Committee. "Thanks to the well-organized Youth and Junior World Championships, the International Biathlon Union (IBU) entrusted Otepää with hosting the BMW IBU World Cup stage," he added. In addition to 2022, Otepää will host a BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon stage also in 2026.

As for the shooting range grandstand, there are still tickets available for Thursday and Friday. The large ski stadium grandstand will be most likely sold out before the start of the new biathlon season. "So, it makes sense to buy tickets as soon as possible to secure the place you desire," said Nigol. It is also possible to watch the race by the track, where screens will be installed for spectators. There are also screens at the stadium.

The BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon stage will be held at Tehvandi Sports Center in Otepää on March 10–13, 2022.


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