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After four days of competition, 11 countries have opened their medal tally

From 23 February to 2 March 2024, Otepää is hosting the IBU Youth and Junior

World Championships. After four days of competition and eight races, the

medals have been awarded to the athletes from 11 different countries.

As it turns out, the IBU Youth and Junior World Championships is not merely a

celebration of big biathlon nations, as so far athletes from several different countries

have entered the game for medals. While 38 countries are represented in the

competition, as of today, the medals have been divided among 11 of them. 

France and Germany are leading the medal tally so far. After four days of

competition, the French have won a total of two gold medals, two silver medals and

one bronze medal, while the Germans have three gold medals, one silver and one

bronze. Norway has won two gold and two silver medals. 

Athletes from the Czech Republic and Slovenia have also been successful. The

Czech Republic has won one silver and one bronze medal, and Slovenia two bronze

medals. Sweden has pocketed one gold medal. Slovakia and Croatia have so far

made do with one silver medal. Austria, Poland and Finland have all won one bronze

medal. Athletes from Italy, Estonia and Switzerland have also attended the flower

ceremony, but for sure, they desire to stand on the podium. 

The IBU Junior and Junior World Championships will continue with a junior sprint

competition, youth and junior joint start races, and youth and junior relay races.


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