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Otepää with its developed infrastructure has won recognition as an organizer of major sport events. The first big skiing event took place there in 1928. The unique scenery around Otepää offers excellent possibilities for training and athletic competitions. Estonian and international competitions are organized for different disciplines: biathlon, cross-country skiing, triathlon, orienteering, cycling, running and more.   

Photo: Timo Arbeiter

Otepää as the winter capital of Estonia offers activities both in winter and summer. Many cross-country and bicycle tracks as well as hiking trails are equipped in the surroundings of Otepää with the total length of 100 km.

Otepää has its` own centuries old history and culture, which still offers fresh joy of discovering and exploring. Energy can be recovered both by engaging in thrilling activities and enjoying the beautiful view of nature. 

During summertime, when the approximately 100 beautiful lakes of the area beckon to indulge in water pleasures, one can find golf courses and tennis courts, bicycle roads and walking paths, adrenaline-raising adventure tracks and relaxing barrel saunas… 


It is the best place to spend a holiday! 

More information about Otepää is provided by Visit Estonia.


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