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Convenient shuttle bus from Tartu brings spectators to Otepää

On 10–13 March, for the first time in the Baltics, Otepää will host the spectacular BMW IBU Biathlon World Cup stage. For their convenience and safety, spectators can arrive in Otepää both by car or a shuttle bus from Tartu.

A shuttle bus leaves for Otepää twice a day on the competition days and picks up sports enthusiasts from the lower parking lot of Theatre Vanemuine and from the Tartu Railway Station. To the delight of those arriving from farther away, the departure times of the bus have been aligned with the Tallinn-Tartu train timetable. After the race, the bus will return to Tartu from Otepää central square and will again stop at the Tartu Railway Station and at the lower parking lot of Theatre Vanemuine. There is an earlier and later departure time in both directions.

Foto autor: Hendrik Osula

The organisers have made efforts to ensure that all spectators can enjoy the whole competition. “Thanks to the flexible timetable, those travelling by bus can arrive at the competition venue earlier or leave later to take part in the entertainment programme in the audience tent and on Saturday, the afterparty in the park of the culture centre organised by the rural municipality,” said Aivar Nigol, chairman of the organising committee of Otepää World Cup stage.

Those arriving in Otepää by car can park in the specially designated parking lots. One of the parking lots is located by the Tartu-Otepää road behind the Alajaama bus stop and the other by the Kääriku-Otepää road behind the Aedlinna bus stop. Once the car is parked, you can walk to the competition venue or take the free shuttle bus departing from a bus stop near the parking lot. Free shuttle buses start running between the parking lot and Otepää city centre three hours before the first start. After the last finish, buses will continue running to the parking lot for up to two hours.

More information about the timetable of shuttle buses, the stops and the parking lots is available on the website of the event.

Both bus and parking lot tickets are already on sale.


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