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Otepää World Cup to host 241 athletes from 23 countries

It is less than a week until the BMW IBU Biathlon World Cup stage at Tehvandi Sports Center on 10–13 March. It's a good time to look at the number of the World Cup stage.

23 countries

Athletes from 23 countries will compete in Otepää. The teams of Germany, Norway and Sweden will arrive with the largest delegations.

241 athletes

A total of 241 athletes will arrive in Otepää - 118 women and 123 men. Many of these athletes have previously competed in the Tehvandi Sports Center and are familiar with the rather windy shooting range in Otepää.

300 volunteers

Approximately 300 volunteers will contribute to make sure that the World Cup stage takes place at the best possible level. Volunteers are divided between the shooting range, the ski stadium, accreditation and other areas.

6000 spectators

The Estonian Health Board has issued a special permit for the event, which allows us to welcome almost 6,000 guests in the stadium. The Otepää stage is one of the few competitions in the World Cup this season where spectators are allowed.

6 starts

At the Tehvandi Sports Center, 6 starts will be given, which will be divided over the four competition days. The competition will have a women's sprint and a men's sprint, a women's and men's mass start, a mixed relay and a single mixed relay.

30 medals

30 medals will be awarded during the four days of the competition. Ten gold, bronze and silver medals.

30 targets

The Tehvandi Sports Center has a shooting range with 30 positions for organizing IBU A-licensed competitions and trainings, which is equipped with Kurvinen OY's electronic shooting control system.

Tens of millions

The Otepää World Cup stage will be seen by tens of millions of TV viewers all over Europe via broadcasts produced by the Estonian Public Broadcasting.


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