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IBU confirmed Otepää's readiness to host the Summer Biathlon World Championships

Next summer, 22-25 August, 2024, Otepää will host the IBU Summer Biathlon World Championships. After having carried out an inspection at Tehvandi Sports Center, the International Biathlon Union (IBU) confirmed the readiness of the competition center to hold the title races.

At the end of August, during the 2023 Summer Biathlon World Championships in Brezno-Osrblie, Slovakia, the President of the Otepää Organizing Committee, Aivar Nigol, was handed the competition flag as a symbolic baton. "It is good to see that the summer biathlon is developing, there are more and more participants, and athletes consider the summer title race important," said Nigol, "Estonian national team member Tuuli Tomingas became world champion in Slovakia, which is of significant importance considering next year's championships in Otepää."

From left to right: Aivar Nigol, Kristjan Oja, Tiit Tammemäe and Hillar Zahkna.

Preparations are already underway at Tehvandi Sports Center. The IBU organized a technical inspection in Tehvandi, which was carried out by Kristjan Oja, the IBU Cup Race Director. The main objective of the inspection was to check the facilities, competition centre and tracks in Tehvandi. "Preparations for the competitions are progressing nicely – the technical issues were solved and the program was specified. In the spring, a new inspection will take place, during which we will review the issues related to the TV broadcasting," Oja said.

This is the third time that the Summer Biathlon World Championships are held in Otepää. "Both the IBU and Tehvandi Sports Center are very good partners to the organizing committee. Our goal is to take the technical organization of competitions to an even higher level and provide spectators with a proper cultural program. The Summer Biathlon World Championships in Otepää are like a summer biathlon family festival, where everyone can celebrate the end of summer accompanied by sports experiences," said Nigol.

The IBU Summer Biathlon World Championships will be held in Otepää on 22–25 August, 2024. Tickets will go on sale in Spring 2024.


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