Beitrittsdatum: 12. Sept. 2022


The lampshade froze over the cards, and the guys again found themselves in light semi-darkness and found their bohemian shine.

- Received! Compare chest and height, - I famously slammed my hand on the table, confirming bet

Lenka squinted at me - tip-tip, but it's easy to run into a fine if the authorities notice what we're doing here instead of blackjack. And we definitely won't get off with a hundred dollars. For this, they can be suspended from work for a week. I winked at Lenka, saying that everything is in order, I will not make any more sudden movements, so as not to attract too much attention to us from the angry authorities. Fortunately, CCTV cameras record the voice poorly, the music interferes, and they listen to it in the recording only if there is a conflict situation. So, on the screen in the video surveillance room, customers are now seen lounging at the table, thinking for a long time over a glass of vodka before taking the next card. A typical, unsuspicious picture of a blackjack game.



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